Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading Response Rubrics??

Does anyone have a rubric they use to grade written responses to reading? I've been using the same one forever and as I pulled it out again this year I realized it left a lot to be desired as far as being aligned to CCSS and giving useful feedback to my kids.  I'd love any and all examples of what you use!


  1. REALLY good question! And one that can always be improved upon! I also feel like I could improve on what I am doing, but I'll go ahead and share :)

    They have a reader's response due every other week. One is a literary essay (via Lucy Calkins) and the other is a creative response (might be a Prezi, PowToon, WeVideo, Presentation, infographic, or something artistic done by hand). The literary essay is graded with the Calkin's opinion rubric in addition to what I will discuss below. For the creative response, they are only assessed on our continuum for the specific skill we are working on.

    I want students to know that they are always able to grow as readers and writers. So, with heavy teacher guidance, we create a continuum of the idea that we are working on. Be it working on understanding a character's motivations, finding signposts in our reading, or using textual evidence.

    I think this is good for all students, and it especially fits advanced readers because there is no "ceiling". They can always keep improving. My thinking around all of this began from watching this video last year from TCRWP:

    1. I love this video! This makes me think about what I'm communicating to my kids and I LOVE the idea of creative responses ... I know the kids would love this too. I did created a draft of a rubric (I should have thought to use one of the Lucy rubrics for reference) because I feel like I am better at giving kids specific and useful feedback when I have a rubric as a guideline. I'd love your feedback on what I came up with.